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Does Paras Khadka’s articulacy go unnoticed?

Paras Khadka, a name that springs to mind soon as the word “cricket” is uttered in Nepal. Not only has he served as a great batsman for Nepal but also a leader that represents the country’s image gracefully. “As we are so consumed by his excellent batting, sometimes the art of how intelligently he conducts himself in the interviews appears to go under the radar”. A leader is not only who motivates and lifts the team morale in the dressing room. It’s beyond that, its how he represents the country to the world.

What really caught me was, whilst Nepalese team was in Scotland in 2015, the whole Nepalese team was welcomed for a voyage of Scotland’s scenery. At this point, Nepal had lost to Scotland, all the other team members were ecstatic and excited about the tour. Perhaps the youthful exuberance. Conversely, Paras Khadka was in the back of the bus gloomy and despondent. His face reflected the mood of Nepalese cricket, he carried the team’s emotion on his shoulders. Now that’s when you have to simply admire the leader he is. You could separate him from a crowd.

When there are global events such as the ICC tournaments, our country’s image is technically perceived by how he speaks in these interviews/press-conferences. With his vigilance and thoughtfulness on how fluently he speaks both Nepali and English is unprecedented. If he was to step down tomorrow, there is no one capable in the Nepalese team at the moment that could replicate what he has.

Paras ticks all boxes when you look for the features in captaincy. Calmness, resolute yet bold. We are very privileged to have him as a leader. Perhaps, these attributes may go underrated for now, as we take it for granted. Only when he retires, will people truly realise his contribution towards the advancement of Nepalese cricket.

Let us know your opinion in the comment section below if you think there is anyone who could replace him?

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